I am Dr. Plastic Surgeon, Serdar Bora Bayraktaroğlu.

This week’s plastic surgery procedure is Thigh Lifting!

Thigh lift surgery is one of the operations that I frequently perform.

This surgery, which is performed particularly after dramatic weight loss, is very pleasing in terms of the results.

What is Thigh Lifting Surgery?

Sagging occurs as a result of loosening of our skin and collagen in the upper and inner parts of our leg inner region after weight gain and loss, intensive and rapid weight loss operations such as sleeve gastrectomy or similar reasons.

The surgical procedure that we do to fix these sagging and make our legs look thinner and tighter is called Thigh Lifting Surgery.

Patients with these problems complain to me in my clinic and say, “Mr. Bayraktaroğlu, my legs look very loose during movement, I cannot wear short and evening dresses” or “The loose posture on my legs looks an old appearance.”

In short, sagging causes discomfort and does not look good.

Leg-thigh lifting surgery is performed individually.

In other words, the surgery is planned according to the sagging rate and skin structure. Because sagging varies according to the size of the leg and our gender. This necessitates the surgery to be personalized.

Well, there is still a curious issue. Can thigh lift be performed with only Vaser or Laser liposuction?

Indeed, the limited fat removal processes performed on slightly sagging and partially fatty legs tighten our legs by thinning, however we cannot move a loose hollow or excessively fat leg to a tighter point with only fat removal. Imagine an overly inflated balloon, when you deflate it, you will see the balloon loosen. In fact, this principle is also valid for human tissue, removing excess fat from the legs may not tighten, but may increase loosening.

What are the processes before the operation?

First of all, we have preparations before the operation. My clinic will provide you all the instructions in this regard and will follow you up.

.        If I am planning a thigh lift surgery for my patient due to aging and other reasons, we can start at any time regarding the timing of the procedure. If I am planning the thigh lift to someone who has undergone sleeve gastrectomy operation, I make sure that s/he has reached his ultimate weight. In other words, I do the surgery on patients who have stopped losing weight and who are now at this weight regularly.

The use of aspirin, painkillers or herbal products, which have blood thinning characteristic, is discontinued a week ago.

  • Again, I want you to stop smoking and alcohol use one week before the operation.

Let’s get to the surgery process:

I perform the surgery under general anesthesia.

I take the loose and sagging skin inside the leg. I do this with a cut that fits into the groin line and the middle of the inner thigh. If I find necessary while doing this procedure, I also remove excess fat tissue with vaser liposuction. In this way, we achieve not only a tight leg, but also a thinner leg.

This process takes about 2 hours.

By concealing the incisions made on the inner area of the leg to the groin groove and leg groove, I ensure that the patient have a comfortable surgery.

As you can see in this patient, a great favorable difference occurs between before and after the operation.

The leg is both getting thinner and tighten.

The patient can wear clothes in which their legs are visible, and this provides a psychological comfort, as well.

After the surgery, recovery is provided by returning to normal life quickly.

Thigh lifting surgery is a component of a concept called Body Sculpting and is very significant.

You can enjoy the results if the procedure is performed properly.

However, of course, taking care of yourself without gaining weight and doing sports is important in order to use the results of this surgery for many years.

What Happens After the Operation?

After the operation, we host you in the hospital for one night. Small swelling and edema may occur.

  • In the control that I will do a week later, I only take your tapes. Since the sutures that I have made during the surgery are absorbable, no sutures are removed in this procedure.

. Then you return to your social life, but of course, by taking care of yourself.

How long will the efficacy of surgery?

  • You can enjoy the efficacy of this procedure for years. But the point to remember is that as we continue to age, there may be minor loosening over time.

And again, if you gain and lose weight quickly and intensely, unfortunately, the result of the surgery may be adversely affected.

Will there be any scar?

The incisions I hide in the groin groove and in the leg decrease and fade over time. Thigh lift surgery is not a scarless surgery, however since the scars are hidden in your natural recess, their appearance is weak, and their awareness from the front and back is almost nonexistent.

This surgery, in which leg thinness and firmness is gained, is a very strong procedure in terms of results despite your scar. Because no other procedure can reveal these results as clearly as thigh lift surgery.

Hence, it is a surgery that I recommend to my patients and that I do very fondly.

Combined Treatment

I can perform this surgery as alone procedure or as a part of body contouring. Then I can plan vaser liposuction and mammaplasty reduction for my patient at the same time as well as leg thigh lifting.

A Brief Overview of Thigh Lifting:

Anesthesia: General anesthesia

Technique: Removing excess fat and skin inside the leg.

Duration 120 minutes

Hospitalization: One night

Pain: Absent

Edema: Mild-moderate

Suture: Removed one week later.

Scars: None

Normal Life: You can return to your social life after a week.

Efficacy: Persistence for years.

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