After the age of 30, the skin begins to get thinner and the loss of fat tissue occur in the cheeks. Such losses lead to sagging and the loss of volume in the face. Cheek filling is used to enhance the face and the cheekbones, caused by advancing of age and weight loss and to proportionally accentuate the cheeks.

This procedure adds clarity and beauty to the facial expression. Natural and clear beauty is an important element of the aesthetic appearance of the cheeks. The filler injected under the skin within a period of 20 to 30 minutes (average) enables the face to look younger. The results are immediate and the patient can return to her daily life immediately after treatment.

Who can have Cheek Filling?
- Any body over the age of 18, who is unhappy by their appearance can have Cheek Filling. There is no upper age limit.
- A procedure performed to rejuvanete skin quality and restore volume loss around the face and neck. We use collogen (Hyaluronic Acid) fillers and Radiesse (mineral fillers) for this purpose.
- This procedure can be performed in the Clinic SBB.
- Dr. Serdar Bora Bayraktaroğlu will discuss the details of the procedure during your consultation.