Carbon Peeling, Q-Switched Nd: It is a procedure performed by using YAG Laser. With the Carbon Peeling procedure performed for skin spot treatment, pores are reduced and a youthful appearance is obtained. Before the laser application a carbon solution is applied to the surface of the skin with intent to increase the efficiency of the laser in terms of color tone.

The carbon cream is kept on the skin for 15-20 minutes it is absorbed by the pores. The color enhancement process can easily be carried out on the skin and inside the pores.

Who can have Carbon Peeling?
- Anyone who complains of pore size, skin dullness, skin spots, wrinkles and sagging and who wants to rejuvenate his/her skin.
- A procedure performed to rejuvenate skin quality and treat spots around the face, neck and hands. We use chemical peels, enzymatic peels or laser peels for this purpose.
- This procedure can be performed in the Clinic SBB.
- Redness may be seen afterwards.
- Dr. Serdar Bora Bayraktaroğlu will discuss the details of the procedure during your consultation.