The female-like growth of breasts in men is medically called Gynecomastia. This problem covers almost half of the male population, and it is not a laughing matter to the millions of men who suffer from this embarrassing problem. It can cause psychological problems, shame and fear, especially in social activities i.e. swimming pool, beach or gym. This is rectifiable with surgery.

90% of this condition, which can be observed in 75% of men who have reached puberty, disappears by the end of puberty. In real terms, female-like growth of breast in men caused by weight gain is not a gynecomastia. However, treatment options can be evaluated under 3 main titles, in case of a real or pseudo gynecomastia. Three types of surgical options are used in the treatment of excessive breast size in men.

Fat removal-Liposuction
Surgical removal of the breast tissue
Combined performance of liposuction and surgical procedure

Who can have Gynecomastia surgery?
This surgical procedure can be performed on men, who experience a female-like growth of breast or excessive breast growth caused by weight gain.

Mammaplasty “Gynecomastia”
One night stay in hospital is standard practise. A corset must be used for a period of 3 to 6 weeks.
Dr. Serdar will discuss the options with you during your consultation.