I am Plastic Surgeon Serdar Bora Bayraktaroğlu.

Your interest in the videos where I describe the procedures I do is increasing day by day. Firstly, thank you.

This week, I will tell you about a non-surgical procedure.

Yes, our topic is about the anti-aging procedure that you all love, ‘BOTOX’.

What is Botox?

Botox is actually a medicine. You can think of it as a muscle relaxant. We prevent wrinkles by loosening the muscles that bring about our facial expressions millions of times a day. Thus, our wrinkles that are caused by facial expressions are cleared.

Botox is a toxin obtained from bacteria. Contrary to urban legends, it is not snake venom.

And the other information you need to know is that botox is a drug. For this, it should be applied by expert hands.

So what are the effects of botox?

Here, I will tell you how botox affects the face of this beautiful woman. This patient is in her mid-20s and her complaint is wrinkles due to facial expressions. Now I show you the eye contour area, the area between the eyebrows and the forehead during facial expressions.

First, eye contour area:

While botox clears the facial wrinkles we call crow’s feet, it also makes the area around your eyes look youthful and rested. A second feature we love about it is that it can slightly raise the eyebrows. Therefore, we can achieve a higher eye contour (but not like Mr. Spock) at the moment of posing, and a more balanced eye area that does not move down at the moment of a smile, as was the case with my patient before.

The glabella (the area between the eyebrows)

In daily life, stress-induced frowning creates deep wrinkles over time. This wrinkle between the eyebrows can sometimes be very deep. This causes both an aggressive facial appearance even if you are not, and a constant tired look.

And at the end of these ongoing processes, the lines between the eyebrows give way to deeper grooves.

Now I’m showing you the before video of my patient’s eyebrow facial expressions. Now, take a look here! The ‘before’ situation is really dire.

The ‘after’, on the other hand, how light and good it looks!

Forehead wrinkles

Our forehead is the most open area of our face. Since there is no organ located in this area, facial expression lines are immediately obvious. Take a look now at how forehead facial expressions look on this beautiful woman’s face.

Yes, if you noticed, 3 lines begin to form in the middle area as her forehead has facial expressions. Fortunately, our patient is young. With the botox procedure we do, we will reduce the deepening of these lines. At the same time, we will prevent these lines from progressing and forming deep grooves.

Questions you wonder about botox

How long does the effect last?

The effectiveness of botox lasts approximately 4 months. As I said before, botox is a drug and each drug has a certain duration of action after it enters our body. The duration of action of the same dose of botox in the same patient may differ even in summer and winter.

When does the effect begin?

The effect of your botox starts within 3 days after its application. I invite you to a follow-up after 10 days for evaluation. If I deem it necessary, I apply again to strengthen some effects and to weaken some other effects.

Will my face age faster if I quit after using botox for a long time?

No, on the contrary, when patients who get botox pause this procedure, their wrinkles will be less for a long time. This is because we prevented our face from aging for many years thanks to botox. In other words, you will be more advantageous compared to the wrinkles of a person of the same age group.

Yes, you can resist aging with Botox.

I wish you healthy days…

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