I am Aesthetic Surgeon Serdar Bora Bayraktaroğlu.

I am with you with ‘Breast Augmentation – Lift’, which is this week’s aesthetic surgery.

Yes, I will describe the ‘ breast augmentation-lift’ surgery through my patient; with pre- and post-photographs in this section.

But first, let’s look at what breast augmentation-lift surgery is:

Breast augmentation-lift, also known as mastopexy, is a procedure in which we make sagging, empty breast tissue younger and more firm by both enlarging and lifting, that is, reshaping the breast.

This makes the breasts look more upright and fit.

Just like in this patient…

So why is breast augmentation lift so popular?

Because the new breast tissue formed by this operation reflects on your body as a young and revived breast profile, which makes you look more beautiful and younger.

This patient came to me with the complaint of sagging.

Her appearance on the clothes she wore did not satisfy her even though she wore a bra. She wasn’t feeling well in her personal life, on holidays. Therefore, I planned a breast augmentation lift surgery for her. Because her breasts were sagging and insides were empty.

Why do the breasts sag? Why do they get empty?

Of course, there is no single answer to this question, but every woman experiences sagging breasts as a result of the aging process.

Especially after weight loss surgeries or pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, gravity, family inheritance, excessive weight gain and loss,      laparoscopic sleeve, breasts get empty, weakened, and saggy.

Who is a good candidate for breast lift surgery?

Breast lift surgery is a very personal procedure. You should do this for yourself, not to fulfill someone else’s wishes or to try to fit any image.

If you are physically healthy and at a stable weight,

If you are uncomfortable with the sagging or flat appearance of your breasts,

If your breast is hollow with sagging tips pointing down,

If your skin is loose, wrinkled, or your nipple is sagging,

If there is a difference in volume and sagging between your breasts,

You are the ideal candidate for a breast augmentation lift. Of course, I make the final surgical plan after I examine you. Everyone may not follow these patterns.

One of the most frequently asked questions by my patients is whether breast augmentation lift poses an obstacle for pregnancy or breastfeeding.

No. It does not. This surgery won’t stop you from breastfeeding and getting pregnant. Just sharing this info with your surgeon in advance when planning your pregnancy date will get you the best result.

How about surgery?

Surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

And the surgery can be performed with different incision models.

These include:

Only incisions made on your nipples,

An incision around the nipple and perpendicular to the breast fold.

A horizontal incision around the nipple along the mammarian fold.

It can be classified as or a combination of these, keyhole-shaped incisions and reverse J-shaped incisions.

Which technique is applied to which patient depends on the condition of the person’s breast.

But I aim for the highest possible outcome with the least possible scar in my patients.

I apply a silicone implant to enlarge and volume your breast tissue during your surgery. Then I reposition your nipple at a natural height. I reshape your breast tissue to move it back to a more conical, more lively point.

I’ll shrink the enlarged nipple if I have to.

We hide your scars in natural grooves and folds in breast augmentation-lift. Your scar on your nipple diminishes over time as it settles between the skin. In other words, this procedure is a surgery resulting in a scar, but the scars fade and become unnoticeable over time.  So you don’t have to worry.

The surgery is painless. You will return to your social life in a week’s time with my instructions.

What happens after the surgery?

You’ll stay at the hospital overnight after the surgery. You sometimes have small tubes called draines, but not in every patient. I’ll remove these drainages the next day while I’m discharging you.

You’ll be wearing a special bra after surgery.

You have to wear this special bra for about 3 weeks.  There is no suture removal in the follow-up because your sutures are .

Things you need to know;

A slight sagging of the breasts may be observed over time in patients undergoing breast augmentation lift surgery. It’s natural, but you never go back to the way you were before.

Again, you can get pregnant after this type of surgery as I explained at the beginning. However, the process of this pregnancy in your breast cannot be predicted because it is your own process. My advice to you is to plan this surgery after the pregnancy process.

The procedure is less affected by careful weight control and average pregnancy processes. So, you can enjoy the results of the surgery for many years. It is important to remember that we age over time.

A brief overview of breast augmentation and lift:

Anesthesia: General anesthesia

Technique:  Removal of excess breast tissue and skin with breast augmentation and getting the breast upright.

Time: 120 minutes

Admission: 1 night

Pain: No

Edema: Mild to moderate

Suture: Dissoluble suture. No suture removal

Scar: Fading scars over time

Normal Life: You can go back to your social life after a week.

Efficacy: Persistent for years.

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