I am Plastic Surgeon Dr. Serdar Bora Bayraktaroğlu.

I am here with you with a new ‘Plastic Surgery of the week .’

The topic of this week is ‘Breast Reduction’

Again, I will tell you about Breast Reduction Surgery through an operation I have done.

Yes,  just like all breast surgeries, breast reduction surgery is also very important.

That’s because the surgery performed is the harbinger of a new era in a person’s life.

So What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

As I always say, breasts are the most important silhouette-defining parts of the female body.

It is also a symbol of femininity and fertility. In short, the plump and lively breast type, which reveals the female identity, is important in beautiful body perception.

Additionally, breasts have a very special and meaningful function in women, which is feeding their baby.

Now let’s come to our reasons for doing Breast Reduction Surgery:

In some women, breasts can be very large from puberty.

In other women, pregnancy and breastfeeding processes can make the breasts plump and enlarge, and the patient notices that after breastfeeding her breasts do not decrease in size and do not reach their old form.

Alternatively, after aging or weight gain, breasts may grow by gaining fat and they may lose their former small lively form and become large and saggy.

As you can see from the many reasons I’ve mentioned, women’s breasts grow over time by losing their old form, and this growth also causes sagging and the breasts no longer have their former, plump upright form.

We also come across cases where the large breasts are incompatible with the body shape.

For example, quite large breasts can be seen in a very petite woman. This can cause both aesthetic and health problems.

Breasts which are large for your body shape make you look older than you are and also make your upper body look larger.

Again, large breasts can cause back and neck pain and posture disorders.

My patients tell me these complaints by showing me bra straps marks on their shoulders and rash and allergies in their under-breast fold.

Again, the problem with such large breasts is not only the size but also the problem of sagging breasts over time.

In short, we do the ‘Breast Reduction Surgery’ not only for aesthetic concerns but also for achieving a size that is compatible with the body shape and having an overall healthy body.

After breast reduction surgery, my patients express their satisfaction by explaining that their neck and back pains have stopped, the rashes on the lower breast folds have disappeared, and the comfort of being able to go braless is expressed.

And as an aesthetic concern, researches show that the ideal breast size is medium-sized and that people find it more attractive.

Now let’s come to this patient;

This patient is in her mid-40sand her working life is intense.

She camouflages herself by wearing loose clothes, especially in her early youth. She tried to hide her appearance with a forward-leaning posture.

Her breasts lost their aesthetic appearance because of sagging over time.

My patient came to me to fix this distressing situation for her.

After my detailed examination, I showed her the new breast design suitable for her body shape before the surgery.

She liked the reduction rate I was going to do very much and she had the surgery.

So how was the surgery done?

In surgical breast reduction procedures; excess breast and adipose tissue are removed.

While these are taken, the nipple is also lifted by moving it to a higher point.

The breast tissue and breast skin are shaped

to create a smaller, more lively, new breast form.

The scars are hidden under the nipple, breast midline, and breast fold.

After the operation, a special bra is worn to stabilize the surgery performed and to protect the area.

After one night of hospital stay, resting at home begins.

And the patient returns to her normal life after a week.

We have achieved a very successful result in this patient’s operation. We have obtained the size which is most suitable for her body shape, the condition of her rib cage, height, weight, and skin structure.

And as you can see on the side, her new breasts look great on her.

I must state right away; if you are performing breast reduction surgery, you should definitely consider the patient’s expectations.

This is important for result satisfaction.

Breast reduction surgery is important.

A healthy and fit breast area has a very important place in human psychology and social status.

As I said, the satisfaction of the patient, who not only had aesthetic concerns but also got rid of the health problems of having large breasts, is very high.

The aesthetic appearance of the breast area, which appears especially in the person’s social life in the summer season in thin clothes or in the sea, makes the patient feel good.

Breast Reduction Surgery is performed in a personalized way.

Yes, I will say it again; as with many plastic surgeries, breast reduction surgery is also planned in a personalized way. I plan this surgery according to the person’s weight, age, expectations, breast tissue size, sagging amount, and skin structure.

This means that the surgery is personalized.

Breast reduction surgery increases the quality of life while adding a delightful prominence to the body.

By the way, I need to emphasize that breast reduction surgery does not prevent breastfeeding.

If we sum up briefly; After the surgery, recovery is provided by returning to normal life quickly.

And you can use your new breasts for a lifetime. However, without a doubt, taking care of yourself by not gaining or losing weight and doing sports is important in order to enjoy the results of this surgery for many years.

What Happens After the Operation?

After the operation, we host you in the hospital for one night. Small swelling and edema may occur.

.       You lie on your back and slightly inclined.

Sometimes I place small drains if I see it necessary and I pull them out the next morning as I see you off.

  • In the follow-up, I will do a week later, I only remove your tapes.

.       Since the stitches I have made during the surgery are dissolvable stitches, no stitches are removed in this procedure.

. Then, of course, you carefully return to your social life.

How long will the effect of surgery remain?

  • The effectiveness of this procedure lasts for years. But we shouldn’t forget that as we continue to age, there may be minor loosening over time.

And again, if you gain and lose weight quickly and intensely, unfortunately, the result of the surgery may be adversely affected.

What about scars

Breast reduction surgery is not a scarless surgery. However, the scars are in our natural folds, in special transition areas, and they become difficult to notice as they decrease over time.

Now I’m showing you the scars of my patient, these scars about 11 months after surgery, and you can see how weak and unclear they are.

Although breast reduction surgery leaves scars, its results are very successful.

When the patients choose between these vague scars and the satisfaction of the new breast shape they have acquired, they say it is good that we preferred the breast reduction surgery.

Combined Treatment

I can perform this surgical procedure on its own or as a part of body contouring. For example, I can plan it with other aesthetic procedures such as tummy tuck, VASER liposuction, or facelift.

Stay Healthy

A Brief Overview of Breast Reduction:

Anesthesia: General anesthesia

Technique: Taking the appropriate amount of adipose tissue.

Duration: 120 minutes

Hospitalization: One night

Pain: Absent

Edema:  Mild-moderate

Suture: Removed one week later.

Scars: None

Normal Life: You can return to your social life after a week.

Efficacy: Persistence for years.

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