Lip filler

I continue to meet you regularly every week with the procedures I do. As an experienced surgeon, my goal is to inform you about these very important issues. Yes the topic of this week is: ‘Lip fillers’

Again, it is one of my favorite non-surgical aesthetic procedures that I do very often. I will tell you about the procedure with an example of a patient to whom I applied lip filling.

What is lip filling?

Our lips are organs created for talking, eating, and drinking. But we also know that they add exquisite values to our beauty.

In addition, our lips have taken place in both our history and literature and are one of the criteria of beauty described in the lines of poems.  The definition of being ‘  honey-lipped’, or ‘cherry-lipped’   comes from here.

But unfortunately, not everyone has naturally prominent and eye-catching lips.

So what can we do to make our lips look attractive?

Of course ‘lip fillers’ We can get an aesthetic result at the desired level. The lip filling procedure is done for this purpose. The filling used in this procedure consists of a lip-specific material that is a type of collagen hyaluronic acid. A substance that is completely compatible with the body and has no side effects.

How are our lips shaped?

Our lips are actually a structure formed by the harmony of many small units.

These units consist of a combination of the lines forming our lip edges, lip rim, our mucosa that gives our lips its thickness, longitudinal columns between the lips, and nose and the transition areas.

As you can see, it is a small structure but consists of very detailed pieces.

Filling the lips does not just mean enlarging them. At the same time, our most important goal is to ensure that these small details look aesthetic by balancing them harmoniously.

Now; Let’s look at the lips of this patient.

This patient’s complaint was that her lips were very thin and the edges were pale. In short, she did not find her lips prominent. When my patient looked at her lips, she saw a structure with weak lines and low volume.

Well, what do I see as a plastic surgeon? Let me state them in my patient:

Her lips are really without volume. Edge transitions are too faint.

According to my assessment; Just making these lips thicker could make them look rough and overly large. Therefore, I thought that a natural-looking filler application in which the edge lines are emphasized would look more elegant on her lips

Again, I aimed to achieve a more attractive and more feminine lip result by sharpening the lip angles and shortening the distance between the lips and nose by making the longitudinal columns between the lips and nose more prominent.

In fact, as in all surgical and non-surgical applications, I wanted to create ‘natural noticeability’

In other words, her lips should have reached a result that is noticeable enough but does not look filled.

I made the procedure with this motto.

Now, if we come to before and after the procedure; you can see that the small differences that I just described have improved and how her lips look elegant, yet prominent and feminine.

Sometimes a few sessions are required for lip filling. In other words, reaching the result we want to achieve in a few sessions and watching the application harmonize with the lips each time give better results. I decide whether to have a session or not after examining you.

What don’t I do?

For example, I don’t apply large doses of fillers to a patient who has never had lip fillers before.

I don’t make lips too prominent.

I don’t achieve an image that is incompatible with the facial structure.

I do not let the fillers go beyond the lips and facial aesthetics.

Let’s see what I mean by looking at the before and after photos of my patient once again.

Lip filling is a painless procedure that takes a very short time. It is carried out under hygienic conditions in a clinical setting. It is a procedure with needles. It does not have any side effects and the effectiveness starts immediately.

I want you to be careful while having fillers. Because there are a wide variety of fillers in the market.

However, not every filler is healthy and reliable.

For this reason, please choose a plastic surgeon who has previous experience in this field.

Because plastic surgeons know facial anatomy and have ethical knowledge about the aesthetic values of the job.

Let’s talk about the effectiveness of the procedure;

The effects of lip filling last approximately 8 -10 months. This may sometimes differ depending on your body structure, the amount, and the type of filler used.

Yes, although lip filling is a repeatable procedure, do not forget that natural touches should be made in every filling procedure.

Remember, your face is your most important area that gives clues about your expressive personality. No trend can be as permanent as natural!