I am Serdar Bora Bayraktaroğlu and I am an aesthetic surgeon.

This week’s topic is a non-surgical facelift procedure, Profound!

Guiding you through before and after photos, I am going to explain the results I obtain via Profound.

Profound is a very effective non-surgical facial rejuvenation technique that I often perform on patients having moderate face sagging when they do not wish to undergo face lifting surgeries or when their facial tissue is not mature enough for a facelift.

And yes, it’s one of the most effective device treatments in the world.

We achieve exquisite results especially in 35-55-year-old individuals.

So what’s Profound?

Profound is a device with radiofrequency needles used for face and body lifting yielding successful results in elasticity loss, sagging, or regional fat deposits in the lower face, neck, and inner arms and legs.

The micro needling method with the Profound device acts on the dermal layer and the fatty tissue deeply. The technique stimulates collagen and elastin, which are the components that provide the firmness of your skin, five times more strongly allowing us to achieve great results.

Now let’s take a closer look at the treatment process through this patient.

We took this photo before the procedure.

Our patient is 55 years old.

Although the patient is thin, severe sagging has developed especially in the jowl and lower face. Skin sagging is observed, especially extending from the jowl to the neck. The skin has a loose structure. During a clinical visit, the patient told me about the significant discomfort with sagging. In addition, the patient did not wish to undergo surgery and

asked me about possible solutions to the problem.

I recommended Profound as a highly effective non-surgical facial lifting method.

The most effective solution to the problem in such patients is the treatment with radiofrequency microneedles in a single session of 45 minutes.

I have treated a lot of patients with Profound in my clinic so far.

This is the third month of treatment.

We see how the area stimulated by microneedles reacts to the treatment. The skin becomes firmer gaining elasticity.

Here is the result of the 18th month of the procedure.

Profound’s effects have been fully revealed. The results in the region undergoing the procedure are very successful.

Sagging has recovered maximally to a degree that can be allowed without surgery.

How will be the Process before Treatment?

  • We need to do some preparatory work before the procedure.

.       My clinic will provide you all the instructions in this regard and will follow you up.

  • The use of drugs having blood-thinning effects; which include aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid), anti-pain medications, or herbal products, should be stopped.

The Procedure with Profound:

The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia or mild sedation.

Profound radiofrequency micro needling acts on the lower face and the jowl as the facial areas likely to sag; it treats sagging in the inner arm and cellulites on the inner thighs and buttocks.

The procedure is performed in one session taking about 45 minutes.

How does Profound work?

When the special microneedles on the Profound are introduced into your skin, they warm the collagen bed in that area up to 68-69 degrees Celcius and maintain the achieved temperature in that tissue layer for a certain time.

In doing so, a small sensor located in the head of the needle measures the temperature of the collagen layer ten times every second in order to deliver the heat to the collagen bed in a controlled manner.

Thus, the technique is safe and effective.

Profound is equipped with two heads. While the first head heats the collagen bed, the other head is introduced deeper into the fat tissue to dissolve deposited fat by controlled heating.

In patients with a rounded and wide lower face and neck, this process makes the face narrower as well as firming and lifting the skin.

In short; the face becomes narrower, firmer, and gains a healthy aesthetic appearance.

Subsequently, normal life is rapidly resumed with recovery.

What happens after the operation?

  • After the operation, we give you some rest in the clinic.

.       Minimal edema may occur; which is quite normal.

.       Applying ice helps to quickly reduce the edema and swelling.

You are going to continue to apply ice for 2-3 days.

  • After a week, you are going to receive special care treatment in the clinic as another component of the procedure. Then, you can resume your social life completely.

.       The results start to appear from week 6 and they become visible starting from the third month.

In the third month, I am going to invite you to my clinic to take photographs. And then, we become ready to compare the results.

How long will the effect of profound remain?

  • When you start observing the effectiveness of the Profound procedure in the third month, you should know that the activity continues deeper under your skin.

So, the results of the procedure will become more robust over time. You can enjoy the results of this procedure for 2-3 years.

Combined Treatment

If necessary, we can combine the Profound procedure with fat injections to the face, collagen fillings, brow lifting, or upper eyelid surgery. Indeed, we achieve much better results in some patients thanks to the holistic approach. Thus, we can achieve more robust results in both the lower and the upper face.

Finally, I should emphasize that the use of Profound or any other device does not rival the results of face lift surgery. Therefore, I need you to know that Profound is for use only in patients experiencing moderate sagging in a certain age range.

A Brief Look at Profound:

Anesthesia: Local anesthesia

Technique: Deep radiofrequency micro needling.

Duration: 45 minutes

Hospitalization: No.

Pain: None

Edema:  Slight-medium

Sutures: None.

Scars: None

Resuming Normal Life: Immediately.

Longevity of the results: 2-3 years.