In surgical breast augmentation procedures, small breasts are augmented, while aiming at ensuring the proportion between the two breasts, and creating the size most suitable for body sizes. Besides the patient's desires, there are also certain factors to take into consideration in the selection of the implant, such as the patient’s body structure, condition of her thoracic cage, and skin structure. A wide range of new generation breast implants are available. Therefore, it is possible to find a silicone implant suitable for any body structure.

In recent years, fat injections have been preferred to implant placement procedures in breast augmentation. One of the problems in fat injections is the inability to obtain a clear result and desired sizes, to the same extent achievable with an implant placement operation. Therefore, the procedure needs to be frequently repeated several times. Stem cell-enriched fat injections can be applied to enhance the durability. In such a case, durability up to 80% can be achieved.

Who can have breast augmentation surgery?
Women with small or medium sized breasts and women whose breasts are emptied after breastfeeding are ideal candidates for breast augmentation surgery.

Mammaplasty “Breast Augmentation”
One night stay in hospital is standard practise. One week recuperation is recommended.
Dr. Serdar will discuss the options with you during your consultation