Slackening and sagging begin to appear, and the existing lines get deeper in the forehead region, in proportion to aging. Under these circumstances, the eyebrows descend, causing a tired facial expression.

In brow lift surgery, the lines in the forehead region are minimized. Eyebrows dropping over the eyes are lifted and positioned properly on the face. As a result of this operation, the person is enabled to look more vibrant, and most of the lines around the eyes are eliminated. In case of excessive sagging that requires skin removal, the traditional forehead lift procedure is performed.

Who can have a brow lift operation?
Brow lift operation is usually performed on men and women over 40 years of age, who have a problem of sagging skin in their forehead and eyebrow regions.

Facial Plasty “Eyebrow Lift”
- The patient can be discharged the same day. Two weeks recuperation is recommended.
- Dr. Serdar will discuss the options with you during your consultation