With increasing age, soft tissue losses occur, the subcutaneous tissue gets weaker and the skin becomes thinner in the facial region. With this condition, the nose-lip lines and the marionette lines get deeper. Fat injection can be given to the temples, eye contour areas, upper eyelids, under-eye regions, mid-face regions, upper areas of the cheekbones, tear ducts, nose-lip lines, Marionette lines, chin tip and the sides of the lower jaw bone.

Facial fat injections provide skin rejuvenating and filling effects.

Who can have Facial Fat injections?
Middle-aged people who have an unnoticeable and recessed chin and a flat face are ideal candidates for facial fat injection.

Fat Injection “Facial Plasty”
Patients are usually discharged the same day. Three days recuperation is recommended
Dr. Serdar will discuss the options with you during your consultation.