The G Spot is evident in a large majority of women, and sometimes its location may vary from person to person and is also part of the clitoral network. It’s a sensitive area of the anterior wall of the vagina believed by some people to be very sensitive to sexual stimulation.

With the G-Spot Enhancement procedure, also known as the orgasm vaccine, the region is made fuller, more swollen, and more prominent. The G-spot enhancement procedure is performed under local anesthesia, by giving a dermal injection to the region.

Who can have a G-Spot Enhancement procedure?
Women with orgasmic problems due to vaginal delivery, aging and vaginal enlargement are ideal candidates for this procedure.

Genital Cosmetik Surgery “G -spot Enhancement”
The patient can be discharged the same day. The normal daily life can be resumed after the procedure
Dr. Serdar will discuss the options with you during your consultation.

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