There is a bone structure that gives meaning to our face. Sometimes bones or not adequate due to accidents, environmental problems or genetic structure. Bone problems are most commonly seen in the jawbone and mid-face bones. In such cases, the appearance is supported with synthetic implants.

With genioplasty, your face is further accentuated, balanced and proportioned. In patients with a recessed chin, the facial profile is corrected by placing an implant. Especially in men, implants added to the chin tip provide a dominant appearance.

Who Can Have a Genioplasty?
Anyone with a protruding or recessed chin can have this surgery. It can be applied to all individuals whose bone development has been completed.

Facial Plasty “Genioplasty”
The patient can be discharged the same day. One weeks recuperation is recommended.
Dr. Serdar will discuss the options with you during your consultation.

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