Long and well-shaped legs enable a woman to look more attractive than she really is. The length of the legs cannot be increased or the bone curvatures cannot be corrected; however, defects can be concealed and a better appearance can be achieved by means of plastic surgery.

With intent to make the leg more beautiful, it is aimed at removing fat from the overweight parts of the leg; and supporting excessively slim legs with implants to ensure the overall leg (from the buttock to the ankle) to look more beautiful, by means of surgical procedures.

Many applications can be made in leg reshaping surgery, depending on the anatomy of the leg.

  • - Liposhaping

  • - Calf implants

  • - Thigh lift

  • - Filling Applications

Who are suitable candidates for leg reshaping surgery?

Those who are dissatisfied with the shape of their legs, who have excess fat deposition, thick calves, thick ankles, extremely thin calves, and who have a slight contour curvature in their legs can have this surgical procedure.

Fat Injection “Leg Reshaping”

- Patients are usually discharged the same day. The patient wears a corset for a period of about 3 weeks after liposhaping procedures.

- Dr. Serdar will discuss the options with you during your consultation.