Since moles are usually unsightley they can cause irritation causing patients to consult a physician. However, a mole can also constitute the source of serious health disorders, besides being an image problem, moles should definitely be checked because they can be a cause of cancer. In particular, all suspicious moles 2-3 millimeters in diameter should definitely be sent for pathological analysis.

Mole treatment or mole removal is a procedure performed under local anesthesia, during which the patient feels no pain. The procedure takes 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the size(s) and number of the mole(s).

Who can have mole treatment?
Anyone who has a mole 1-2 cm in diameter that suddenly begins to grow, or a mole located in a visible place that causes the person distress or a mole that causes pain since it is located in a place that rubs can have this treatment.

Skin Surgery "Mole Removal"
The patient resumes his/her daily life.
Strip bands are used for 15-20 days. These bands prevent the expansion of the scars.
Dr. Serdar will discuss the options with you during your consultation.