Sagging and corrugated inner parts of the legs are the primary problem that disturbs women. Especially frequent weight gain and loss, lack of exercise, and aging accelerate the loosening of the thighs. Such a sagging and corrugation on the inner part of the leg do not only annoy the patient aesthetically but also disturb her functionally due to the friction that occurs when walking.

Thigh lift is a procedure intended for the elimination of the loose skin and fat accumulation on the upper and inner parts of the thighs.

Who can have thigh lift surgery?
Women over the age of 40, whose sagging has increased on the inner and upper parts of their thigh after weight gain and loss, and those who experience sagging at an early age due to their skin type, are eligible candidates.

Body Contouring “Thigh Lift”
The patient can be discharged the same day. One week recuperation is recommended.
Dr. Serdar will discuss the options with you during your consultation.