Hello everyone.

I have chosen this week's plastic surgery procedure to be 'Upper Eyelid Aesthetics.'

Today, I will talk about the 'Upper Eyelid Aesthetics' through my treatment applications.

Are you ready?

The eye is one of the most important organs that make up our facial expressions. It transfers our feelings to the other person. In other words, it is one of the most important means of communication through which we express ourselves while socializing.

However, time and experiences can, unfortunately, affect the eye and the surrounding area, causing deformation.

Saggy or droopy upper eyelids, especially occurring after 35 years of age, cause a different facial expression.

This can portray us as someone different from who we are. How? By making us look tired, more nervous, or older than we are.

So, what are the benefits of plastic surgery in such cases? Thanks to the great options it offers, it allows us to work miracles by eliminating this problem in our upper eyelid.

What causes saggy upper eyelid?

Apart from genetic and familial factors; ageing, irregular sleeping patterns, and use of alcohol and cigarette may cause sagging and dropping in the eye region.

Just like in this patient.

Unfortunately, this patient came to me with the problem of saggy and droopy upper eyelid caused by factors such as excessive screen time and sleeping problems due to her busy pace of life.

There are both loosening and drooping in the upper eyelid of my patient. Again, some fat pads localized in the upper eyelid have been also bagged and herniated forwards.

She was unhappy with the expression she saw when looked at herself in the mirror.

As a result of a detailed analysis, I planned an upper eyelid surgery for her.

Any adult who has saggy or droopy upper eyelid complaints can have Upper Eyelid surgery.

What are the preoperative preparations?

As in every surgery, you need to stop using blood thinners such as aspirin a week ago. Also, I don't want you to consume herbal teas during this time period.

During our interview, I ask if you have a chronic eye disease, like glaucoma. If any, I get an eligibility report from the relevant physician and then, prepare you for surgery.

Don't worry, my clinic will inform you about these issues that I have mentioned and will follow your process.

How is the operation performed?

During this surgery, I partially remove excess skin tissue, muscle tissue and fat pads that cause sagging and drooping.

Apart from sagging, I can also inject fat to the edge of your upper eye bone, if I think necessary.

Of course, every surgery is very important. Upper eyelid surgery takes a short time and you don't feel any pain.

What should be taken care of after the operation?

After the operation, I tape the area where I put stitches.

These tapes are important to prevent edema.

Ice application after the surgery is necessary to calm trauma.

Swelling or bruising around the eyes may occur in some patients, it is normal. All of these begin to decrease and recover after the third day.

In the first week, I recommend you to protect the area with stitches from trauma and water. You can take short showers after the stitches are removed.

Again in the first week, you should sleep with two pillows under your head and avoid being engaged in activities that will require you to tilt your head forward.

What kind of results do we achieve after the operation?

After the excess fat and skin in the eyelids are removed, the eye and area around the eye become more prominent.

The harmony of the eye expression with the eyebrow is achieved, ensuring that the person looks younger than his/her age.

Those seeing you after the operation notice the great energy of the expression around your eyes.

How long does the surgery take?

It takes about 45-60 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia.

Is the result achieved after Upper Eyelid Aesthetics surgery permanent?

Yes, it is a permanent solution.

Will there be any scars after the surgery?

Barely noticeable scars remain, but these scars are placed inside your eyelid line and are not visible. The mild pinkness occurring in the first days after surgery disappears over time. It is important to use sun protection cream during the day.

What happens after the surgery?

Patients can return to their normal lives after having upper eyelid surgery.

Edema and mild bruising may occur but they don't affect daily life and will disappear within a short period of time. One week later, the patient is called for control and stitches are removed.

How long does its effectiveness last?

The effectiveness of the operation lasts for years. However, by time and ageing can affect the results achieved.

Combined Treatment

I can perform this surgery alone or as a part of facial rejuvenation. In such cases, the most suitable options for the patient such as eyebrow lifting, lower eyelid aesthetics or facelift surgery are also included.

A Brief Overview of Eyelid Surgery

Anesthesia: Local anesthesia

Technique: Removal of excess oil and skin from the eyelid.

Duration: 60 minutes

Hospitalization: No

Pain: No

Edema: Mild

Stitch: Removed one week later.

Scars: No

Resuming Normal Life: Immediately.

Effectiveness: 5 years.